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The only PPC tool for Amazon that uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to create outstanding ad campaigns for seller, vendor and agencies!

Fully automated advertising campaigns:
  • Keyword Management 24/7
  • Campaign Management 24/7
  • Daytime Bid Management 24/7
  • Placement Optimization 24/7
  • Monitoring & History 24/7

Your product sells better on rainy days? VAPA finds out and automatically shifts your advertising budget to future rainy days!


Running Amazon Ads has never been so easy! With VAPA's 3-click setup to fully automated advertising campaigns.


Efficient Ad Spend

Your ads generate more revenue when it rains? VAPA finds out and shifts the media budget to rainy days in the future. Your ad efficiency is highest at night? VAPA saves the media budget for the nights when it pays off the most. And you just watch. And smile.


Substantial time saving

You can spend stressful hours setting up and optimizing campaigns. VAPA, on the other hand, only asks for your monthly budget and target ACoS. Everything else, including keyword research, bid management and placement optimization, is done automatically by VAPA.


More Sales

Unfair competitive advantage, because more sales = higher organic visibility. This means: the more efficient your ad performance is, the more ad-driven sales you generate from your media budget and the higher the organic visibility of your products. In short: more organic sales thanks to VAPA.


LG Frank Sander
"VAPA has been outstanding in helping us take our brand presence and sales to the next level"
Frank Sander - Head of Productmarketing, LG Electronics Germany
"VAPA makes PPC campaign management a pleasure! Great and intuitive tool that finds the optimal campaign optimization fully automatically. This saves a lot of time and nerves, especially with larger product portfolios."
Florian Sattig - Managing Director, S&F Vertriebs-und Handels UG
Olaf Schmitz
"VAPA is the best tool for Amazon. My experience shows that the Amazon marketplace can only be managed with excellent tools. VAPA is way ahead in this regard and is the best tool in my opinion."
Olaf Schmitz - former Head of Business Development, Amazon EU
"VAPA has revolutionized the way I deal with Amazon PPC! Higher ROAS and lower ACoS."
Julius Oliveti - Managing Director, LUPO Store
Lupo Owner

How does VAPA's AI algorithm work?

Most brands don't sell as much as they could because established machine learning approaches have yet to identify how and why a product sells better.

Data collection & analysis

VAPA uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to process billions of data points per day such as clicks, bids, impressions from ad campaigns as well as external data such as weather, news, events, hotel bookings etc.

VAPA also looks closely at your products using Natural language processing (NLP).
Process, verify & adjust data

The information generated is used to optimize your advertising campaigns. Through repeated testing, reviewing and adjusting, VAPA finds the hidden connections why and how your product can be sold most efficiently. We call these "bidding white spaces".
Outstanding advertising campaigns

This results in efficient campaigns that lead to a significant improvement of your results.



Your personal login area

In your personal VAPA login area you can connect as many Amazon Seller/Vendor accounts as you like, update your personal data, download invoices, book free performance calls with your Customer Success Manager, create new campaign portfolios, update your campaign portfolio goals and use our highly acclaimed Amazon Keyword Tool if you feel like contributing your product knowledge to the otherwise automated keyword research.

Sponsored Ads

Fully automated 24/7 by VAPA, your employee of the month! Place AI-driven Amazon Ads for a few or thousands of products - in any case in the most efficient way! With time and day-based bid management, VAPA places ads by date, day of the week and time of day to always deliver your ads at the most efficient time.


Campaign Setup

By far the easiest campaign setup with only two parameters that you can easily name by hand. Behind the scenes, VAPA creates 4 Amazon campaigns per ASIN and determines the ideal advertising strategy for each one. What's more, without any additional configuration, VAPA monitors the entire market and stays one step ahead of the competitive strategy.

Placement Optimization

Placement Optimization - VAPA not only identifies the most efficient placements per ASIN and keyword alignment, but also adjusts the bidding strategy accordingly.

campaign setup

Keyword Optimization

A daily growing keyword set. VAPA continuously analyzes all available Amazon data sources (Amazon Advertising API, your competitors, Brand Analytics, search suggestions, auto campaigns, etc.) and enriches them with external data sources (Google, e-commerce databases, own data, etc.). The identified keywords are tested and, depending on their performance, either kept on the positive list with appropriate bids or moved to the negative list.

Really Big Data

With over 20 connected data sources, VAPA processes billions of data points daily, ensuring that AI has the best decision-making basis for real-time bidding and keyword optimization.


The specialists behind VAPA

The diverse and international team behind VAPA now includes many members and, of course, Feel Good Manager: Yuli.

CEO / Product
CEO / Finance
Executive Assistant
team picture
People & Culture
employee dog
Office Feel Good Manager
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...and many more fantastic characters

Want to breathe startup air in a dynamic team?

The all-inclusive VAPA pricing model (no hidden fees)

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+ 1.5% Rev-share*
Combine advertising management by certified experts and the power of VAPA technology
  • Objectives & Strategy
  • Certified Advertising Expertise
  • In-depth Status Quo Analysis
  • Unique advertising strategy based on business objectives
  • Scaling & Optimizing
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Constant keyword and ASIN target refinement for Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Brand awareness and Remarketing with Sponsored Brand & Display Ads & Sponsored Brand Video

    In market targeting and Remarketmg with Sponsored Display
  • Checkpoint Strategy & Business Reviews
  • Monthly reports
Price: Euro / Month
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from 100,000€ mth. Ad revenue
  • Managed ad service included
  • 1:1 Onboarding
  • Ideal Campain Setup
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  • Daytime Bid Management
  • Chat,  Email & Phone Support
  • All Marketplaces (Worldwide)
  • Keyword Tool & Harvesting
  • Seller & Vendor Accounts
  • Weekly Checkpoint Strategy & Business Reviews
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* Only the advertising revenue generated by VAPA

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